With roots planted deep within a foundation laid before them, Apache Jericho is the culmination of four like-minded, southern rock revivalists who foster a sound reminiscent of a genre that once influenced an entire generation. Born in the heart of Tennessee, this southern inspired band of brothers (from other mothers) hold nothing back when it comes to the music they so often create. Music straight from the heart and soul of southern rock and southern roll.

Members Brad Zelenak (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Adam Berry (Guitar, Vocals), Chris Raftery (Bass), and Brandon Morton (Drums, Vocals) all began their musical endeavors at very young ages eventually flying solo as singer/songwriters or shredding in a jam band at their middle school variety shows. It wasn’t until early 2015 that these four gentlemen finally joined forces and became what the world now knows as Apache Jericho. Fast-forward to the Fall of 2015 (not even a year since the band’s first rehearsal) and there you have it. Apache Jericho strums the first note, of the first song, of their first show…facing a crowd of 300+ people. The rest is history…

With each noted played and every lyric sang, their music is instilled in the minds of each and every listener becoming timeless in no time at all.


--Bio from Local Motive Music


Photographer: Nick Box

Band: Apache Jericho

Venue: Tempt Murfreesboro